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A lot has happened in the last 24!

Taryn, John, Renda, Redbeard at 3 Views

So, I did the brief Sunday post which was punctuated by a “Dad call” again. OK, yes in my older age I have developed some patterns :/ Gesso on Saturday night…parent call on Sunday.

Last night’s opening was maybe not as good turn-out wise as I hoped, but it was fun. I felt that I had done a good job with the presentation, even though the tracks are still being worked on. There were a few people that had personal problems or were sick that have actually sent apologies, and that’s gratifying, too.


My next solo adventure, which will open June 9, will be with Nikki’s Dream/CREATE in Manchester. In this program known as “Dinner with the Artist”, the facility hosts a fine dining experience with up to 25 participants and the “artist”. I will actually be the first. I will have a show space in the reception area. There will be a silent auction for one donated work to the members of the audience. I have temporary show space in the “ballroom” where the dinner is held, as well. I will be expected to do a brief “presentation”, but it is viewed more as answering individual questions, and networking.

Benefits for the artist is that much exposure, and the reception area show is up for 1-4 weeks, depending on the individual contract. We discussed having prints in a print rack, as well. As much or as little of the show that you want to be for sale is, and they will handle the sales. The commission percentage  has not been determined

Any New Hampshire artists are invited.

Nikki's Dream/CREATE space

Nikki's Dream/CREATE space

The rest of the pictures will be on my Facebook page. Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst.