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High gear…

"A Fun Journey"

"A Fun Journey"

I told Renda today that my MSW friend, Mo, would be rather concerned that I might be becoming manic-depressive. But, Mo saw this kind of behavior in college, before portfolio reviews. It’s not that I procrastinate…that’s not it…but in the crunch, right before the show or review is when I produce my best work. So, this should be a very good ride. I am done for the night as far as painting, but I may post a few more pieces to ebay and Etsy before bed.

So, this is not just a numbers game. Since I am the Gatehouse’s first, she deserves the best I can give her. Her reputation, as well as mine, rest on that. Hear me Malynda! My show at the Rochester Library will be my third with Peggy Trout-they deserve a superb show too. I am hoping to not have to pull the show in Tamworth to hang the show at the library-in other words, have a really good stock to work with.

New work, some that is really close, and I am lovin’ most of it:

Beach Light Like this one-oh, my.  I find this to be a real close approximation of what I am trying to do with my painting. Working these transparencies has been a challenge. Finding a medium that woukld behave for the lines was not nearly the challenge I thought it would be, but it was an unexpected solution.

As “unpainted” as this may appear, there is quite a bit of pigment in those gray areas.

This the first. I have three more images to post, and knowing what happens with images here…

A taco salad on St. Paddy’s

I did look at brisket yesterday, but I always seem to throw out the left-overs. And, since I am from So. Cal, there is no such thing as too much Mexicano faire.

I may do this a several posts because what I accomplished today was pretty amazing. I set out to finish three pieces. I got all three close. And, I worked on 8 more.

It’s been a long day…

Arles, 2012. Mixed media. 9"x9"
this is a little painting with a lot to say.