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What I do on Saturday nights

This is so pathetic, it’s funny. I am about to gesso four new canvases. The last few Saturday nights’ posts have all made reference to gesso, like “he” must be my new lover.

Yes, Gesso, my dear, please make all of my canvases nicely primed for paint? Huh?

So, yes, all of the above is true AND I had an amazing studio day inspired by my friend, Ann Howland. She got great creative inspiration from late winter light. At least one of the new pieces will be called that! I delved into whites, cool grays, blues, dark, deep hunter greens and black as my homage to winter. There is also a faint mellow umber creeping through, as well.

Some of the images I am posting are updates, but I will also put the new stuff in as it stands, and most of that needs a great deal more work.

Arles, second stage

 This guy went through some major changes! I added some acrylic gel medium to start with wet paint, and let that dry.

Then, in my frustration and my desire to find a good encaustic substitute, I started applying tinted Liquin. Liquin is dryer that is primarily a resin compound. And, then some oil. I think I’ll break my date with Gesso-this little guy is starting to get sexy.

Cross bands-second stage

I added to this too, but the sensibility didn’t change much. It is getting a bit tighter.I really like what raw canvas does with oil/Liquin applied when it’s in its unprimed state. It’s still flexible and doesn’t crack when handled, bent or manipulated. I wouldn’t force it into a fold, though.    

 I am pushing more physical texture in the new work. The bottom left of this piece has a great deal of “drawing into” the first layer of white paint as it dried.    I think I’ll leave it there, and add more tomorrow. I do have this date with Gesso.