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Snow and Topos

Today was to be all about art. We were predicted to get 4″-8″ of snow, a perfect excuse to get into the paint.

I have two canvases midway, and I had several challenges to fulfill. I can safely say the canvases are now too wet to continue on and the challenges are completed. A personal goal was also met today by exceeding prior views for my post in one day-and the day is not over.

For most of the morning, I seemed to be able to do no wrong. The right materials and the right colors seemed to just find my fingers!

"Paperwhite", (c)Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, mixed media including graphite, watercolor and pastel, 6" x 6"

“Paperwhite”, (c)Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, mixed media including graphite, watercolor and pastel, 6″ x 6″

My good friend, Jeannie Griffin-Peterka is really a presence in this piece. Her work and mine are aligned, but her palette is more controlled and subdued, and she blocks her composition differently.

Here is one finished last night that did not get photographed until this morning, which explains quite visually the difference in palette, though mine is usually has more white than this. I love my color!

"Velvet Underground", (c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst,2015, chalk pastel on wet paper. 6" x 6"

“Velvet Underground”, (c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst,2015, chalk pastel on wet paper. 6″ x 6″

I am having way too much experimental fun with literally painting with pastels. This paper was soaked a few times and the marks that are visible were made with a palette knife. Thanks again to my friend, Erika Carty who added more colors to my palette of pastels the other night.

"Mind Topo 2". (c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2015, watercolor, acrylic, pastel,  7" x 5"

“Mind Topo 2”. (c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2015, watercolor, acrylic, pastel gel medium, 7″ x 5″

Where I am not maybe channeling other artists, I am comparing my thought processes, and art processes to reaching peaks. I have a real love for hiking, seeing vistas from a different perspective, and looking down at what I have just accomplished or overcome.

So, this is a sampling…I am posting more.

A note about the way I work: every day, if possible. When I can’t there seems to be this deluge of artistic energy that is apparent on the week-end.


Inspiration and where I find it

Social media has so revolutionized the way we connect, banter about art and art-related issues!!

I belong to a local group on Facebook, where the administrator asked the question on Saturday, “What do we do when we are in an artistic slump?”

This is a hard one for me because I really haven’t had one since 1997. Maybe, and actually I was even producing some then, but it was all photography. And, it’s really not a slump when your husband in the hospital at least once a month. There were some other issues.

So, in responding with “I  can’t not work. I got beyond all of the ‘need for inspiration’ crap a long time ago”, I effectively opened a juicy can. And, irritated a few artists I am associated with. So, this is a rebuttal of sorts, or at least an explanation.

We have shared recently how the art world has changed, thanks to the same social media where this dialogue is being held. I started thinking tonight about how art is perceived by artists, and how it is very different from one to the next.

For artists like myself, this isn’t just an outlet, this is a job. I can’t go to work tomorrow and tell my manager that I am not inspired. I’d love to do that, and collect a check!! And, I can’t tell the painting that I am waiting for the gel medium to dry that I no longer am inspired. Or, myself. In the case of art, the checks aren’t guaranteed, but the satisfaction is.

I don’t understand the inspiration concept anyway. Maybe when I signed up to do this in 1978, I agreed to always be inspired, to always look at my surroundings, to always explore ways of presenting visual ideas, to always make things and most importantly, to always learn.

That gel medium looks like it is dry. Back to work.