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The battle goes on, but it feels like I’m winning this time

Imperfection 1

I was diagnosed with Small Cell Carcinoma in October. There have been chemo and radiation therapies since. Last Sunday, I slept from 2PM on with the help of one of my anti-nausea meds. The last several days I have been up until after 9, my old bedtime.

A week ago I dropped off “Imperfection” (above) to the Harlow Gallery, easily a two hour drive from here. And, two hours to return. I was not up to that kind of a drive. Today, it might have been more fun.

Today, I also thought about a proposal that could go to 3S and Space. And, I continue to think about it though I haven’t put pen to paper yet. I worked on the next two of the “Imperfection” series, both of which are larger than the one at Harlow.

And, here I am.

The Rochester Library show went up last week, which incorporates most of what I have completed since I was diagnosed.

Holding It Together

“Holding It Together 1” demonstrates another of the artistic concerns that I have embraced recently. Both this series and the “Imperfection” series are monochromatic. These, however, utilize a myriad of materials that are either painted to approximate the color of the canvas or inherently are a similar shade.

Hommage to the Surrealists

“Homage to the Surrealists” uses no paint. The native color of the materials is what is important, along with the textures and translucency.

So, along with a renewed interest in Photoshop, which I also purchased this week, I am exploring my best in 2-D art.




I hate catching up…

Oh my. Much has developed, transpired, gotten hung, taken down, seen and experienced since my last ditty. So, where to start?

I may have mentioned minor surgery in my last post. That was followed by the flu, which completely knocked me down for a few days. I did manage to show up for the Kittery Art Association opening last Sunday.

KAA, your truly with three canvasesIt was a good gathering and there were some pieces that I would like to show at The Stone Church. I will also probably join a group there called the “Moderns”.

That was last Sunday. Monday, I felt like a field mouse my last cat dragged in, and presented to me while it was still slightly twitching! Tuesday, I hung my first truly curated show at the Stone Church. None of my work-and I think that may be a first. I have hung, or helped hang lots of shows, but I think my work was always included.

So, it was a pretty hectic night. My show came down and was hastily wrapped. I laid out the “3 Views” show against the wall, on the floor, in the order that I thought they should hang, and made adjustments along the way. I won’t say without a hitch, but the hanging was fairly smooth. I started at 5, and finished shortly before 9.

"3 Views of Country", the Stone Church, one section. 2/28/2012I chose to do everything that night because of weather, and I was really glad I did. But, because I got home relatively late for me on a work night, my work stayed in the car overnight-none of the work got damaged. And, I was able to unload my car in a quiet part of the snowstorm on Wednesday.

Also on Wednesday, I was approached again by my boss to hang a few of my pieces in our new employee lounge area-quite a compliment since the entire office has been completely renovated recently. That will be a chore for the week-end: design the display for the office.

Tonight was Art Around Town in Portsmouth. I hit five galleries, and I will give the entire stroll which included The Lincoln-Levy Gallery,
McLaughlin-Hills Gallery, Kennedy Studios, Three Graces, and Nahcotta a quick mention.

Levy, which is the gallery for the NH Art Association had a featured exhibit by photographer, Joe Reardon. The photography was good, but I was slightly distracted by the misspelling of certain mountains, like Chocorua. McLaughlin-Hills features a great variety of art from Oaxaca, Mexico and I felt a huge pull from my Californio roots!

Then to Three Graces and Nicole Maloof’s “You Are What You Want”.What a good show! I questioned the presentation (clothesline), but the more I think about it, as she is documenting “acquisition of stuff”, the display makes too much sense. The works are generally acrylics on drawings or mono-screenprints.

Kennedy Studios tends to offer respectable, but unchallenging work. The photos up (I’m sorry, but this is how I felt) could have been part of the work at the Levy. Neither really had a feel of an “individual” vision.

Nahcotta pulled a great show out, too. Matt Adrian’s “A Mincing Mockingbird” can’t be missed. His acrylics look like oils and he has a really nice handle on that. His birds have absolutely too much personality, and he reflects that in his titles. Having done my share of bird photography, I have seen these personalities, and he captures them well.

That’s the update from artinsmallplaces. The Rochester MFA opens tomorrow, and I am hoping to go to the reception with Malynda and Brian from the Gatehouse and Connect the Dots, but she has got the “bug”. I am sure I will be writing about the inaugural exhibition, and I am planning to attend, regardless.