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Tracing the history

A friend recently said that she would love to see a retro of my work. With almost 40 years worth, I think I can do that.

The easiest walls to find are online.

Since I am never going to not show otherwise, I want to use this venue for events and big shares, and share the rest on “Dartt Hurst, a Retro”.

I am loving some of the crazy stuff I am finding, and it really gives validation/foundation to newer stuff.

"Truly Good and Crisp". 1977, 8'x 10", acrylic on canvas. NFS

“Truly Good and Crisp”. 1977, 8’x 10″, acrylic on canvas. NFS

Surely I digress…

A quick post about art in very large places…

I am originally from southern California. I went to school there, too. With some rather talented people, I might add.

Recently, Jeffrey Vallance showed at the Andy Warhol Museum in New York. I remember his mini-installation pieces right outside the art building. I also remember being seriously aggravated by a graffiti piece that he and two of his friends put up in the painting studio. But, he has gone on to show internationally and I can say that I at least shared that space with his energy. We didn’t have any studio classes together.

Last week, Robert Piser opened at the James Gray Gallery in Santa Monica. Bob and I did have  a class together at Reseda High with Mr. Gill.

I won’t comment on Vallance because that’s been covered. And, having not seen Bob’s stuff up close, I am only going to make a few really general comments.

I have read a few of the comments on his Facebook page that compare Piser to a few well-known pop artists. I would disagree. I think Bob knows late 40s and 50s LA and puts it out there, better than any that I have seen. They are very derivative of that period’s advertising. And, unfortunately, that is all I can say-my 15″ monitor screen doesn’t deliver good enough imagery and…there is nothing like seeing art on the wall.

Thanks to them and to all who make art. Good job.