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Seacoast Spotlight nomination and other upcoming events

The season has opened with a bang in the area, and I have gotten quite a bit of attention. That does not bother me or hurt my feelings, but it does change priorities!

Last Monday, I was able to secure the June slot at the Gallery 280, which is part of Portsmouth Public TV in Portsmouth, NH. I had submitted twice before, and heard nothing back. They changed directors, and I met with the new one last Monday. This will be a two-person show and includes a half-hour interview segment, which will air every Thursday during the month of June. Cool and intimidating!! (I will have about enough room for 20 of the ReDeFine series). That show will open June 4th.

I also have 4 pieces in an upcoming show at artstream gallery in Dover, NH called “Love Letters”.  These are all postcard-sized pieces. That show opens late in May.

The Gallery at 100 Market Street submission is due very soon, but the curator has expressed interest in the “Portrait” series. That show will open early June.

Blackbird Studio and Gallery reopened with resounding success with the Carolyn Chute visit and book-signing. We had our first official reception last week-end and had a good turn-out and sales!! Our next opening reception will be May 30, and I plan on having NO work on the walls. I am starting to install a very large installation piece on the property over Memorial Day, and I am developing it daily!

from the Carolyn Chute receptin

from the Carolyn Chute reception

The newest show at Blackbird Studio

The newest show at Blackbird Studio

Oh yeah, and the high point, and the reason for this post…I have been nominated in the “Outstanding Painter, Non Traditional” category for the Seacoast Spotlight Awards Editors’ Choice and I am also on the Readers’ Choice ballot. This nomination alone is a huge validation for hard work! And, the group I am “against” are really good painters and I am friends with one of them for the Editors’ Choice. I am friends with several for the Readers’ Choice. This is the explanation, and listing for the Editors’ Choice.

For the Readers’ Choice ballot, please visit this link: In the third paragraph, it says click “here” and that takes you to the survey/ballot. And, this will be very hotly contested, so I’d love as much help as possible!! Thanks!!

My show at the Rochester Library looks awesome too. That runs through the end of May.

Thanks for being here!!




More about recapitulating art history

So, as a young buck, I sucked up the intellectualism that surrounded me. I embraced “Concept” (with a capital “C”) very tightly. But, hey, I was in LA.

Almost 30 years since I left my home town, I have faced an exhibit that seems so totally out of context, and yet, right on my fingertips and so ready to be here. Carly Glovinski is the cause, and 3S is the platform.

“Huh? Ok? And, why”. I am not really intrigued any more by this work than the work I came “of age” with- NOW. I totally get it. But, again I grew up in LA.

But, my fundamental question in all of this is the question of process. There is little “human” presence in this work-foibles and mistakes aren’t noticeable. Let’s revisit concept and Larry Bell. Laddie Dill and all those folks that had artworks built for them. So, I am dealing with process…why? Because I have gotten older and I have been here for 30 years.

I believe Glovinski actually fabricates her own work. Cleanly, and well.

She defines space, and forces her audience to recognize that space. She made me explain to friends why a large floor piece does not allow a piece on the wall. The show made me explain the value of scale.

Eva Hesse did much with a floor. And,I see that here, as well. But, I think the best thing about this show is she doesn’t stick exclusively to one perameter-determiner, but actually strikes out to say, “Yeah, but?”

But, the fun thing with this show is we see more modes of expression. “Evolving Coast” a wood book on a lawn chair says I’m not about space and minimalism. Once again challenging the viewer to scratch their heads.

And, as artists, we do get to make people do that.

Part III. Beyond Process

The best work I have ever seen was created by Ed Kienholz for making people rethink their space. And, change behavior.

or this

It really doesn’t take some of the methods being used in some of the most controversial art from last year. It really doesn’t take vulgarity, profanity, or even sex.

One of my recent personal favorite artists whom I am very honored and privileged to show with is Rick Burns. He has shown work at Blackbird Studio and Gallery that also asks people to participate. He doesn’t take over a floor space, but he asks for thought, and gets it.

He doesn’t necessarily question space, but he does create work that invites the viewer to also be a participant in his work, and change it.

(c)Rick Burns

(c)Rick Burns

This piece invited the viewer/participant to tighten/loosen the bolts. And, many did, begging again the question of “Who is the artist?

I’ll continue to call myself one, but I think we need to give more credit to our audience.

And, I am sure I will continue with this subject.



When art comes home…and other observations

A long week.

Wednesday, Malynda Forcier’s show came down. And, my piece came home. Malynda and Brian and I worked out a trade where I got a 12″x12″ “AmsterGirl” and she got my “Another Compass for Another Mountain #2”, with additional computer support from Brian to make up the difference. She already has hers.

Sad day though, because I really liked that show and I won’t say I won’t but I don’t think  I will ever get to some of the places they have been.

Thursday morning, I woke up with a huge, screaming knee. Ladder work, and not new. But, I had a  show to hang and one to pull in the next two days. I went to work in a brace, but took it off around 9:30.

Since I leave work at 3 and the Stone Church doesn’t open until 5, I decided to do part of the Art Around Town in Portsmouth, early. The Gallery at 100 Market offers some extraordinarily well delivered work that left me wanting a blanket. And, there were others that felt like they needed a room all to themselves, they were so powerful. All-in-all, every piece is masterfully delivered, but I was missing real warmth, soul and individuality in some. I am also curious as to why the show offers very little 2-d besides paint on canvas and photography. No prints, as in silkscreen, relief? And, the only mixed-media was a paper cut-out piece.

I LOVED the show at 3 Graces. I have done photo-real and this stuff is good and refreshing. Cinda Rizza, “What the Shadows Say” feels really good to me. I did several “Porch” studies in my day that were similar. I like that they weren’t contrived and posed. And, really everyday objects. I have seen enough beach chairs, but the fluidity of the laundry on the line struck home.

Nahcotta, I’m sorry, was a disappointment-and that rarely happens. Though beautifully executed, I cry when I see painterly, impressionistic florals and that kind of still-life. And, then…

And, then to hang, “For the Love of Nature”. Thank GOD Taryn could help. The show was up in record time. It was fun to hang, too. Taryn is very serious and all about using nature in symbolic ways, and Taylor is all about the child exploring it.

Tonight, I pulled my show from the Rochester Library. And, the Nikki’s Dream show and presentation has been postponed until August so…and the Me and Ollie’s show isn’t until August so…I have lots of work here.

Art Comes Home from the library

better links to pass on

and this has been reworked


I have an incredibly nasty cold which I am trying to convince my body doesn’t exist. I missed the last two days of work, and that isn’t good, either.

So, here is the upcoming schedule:

4/13-opening reception for Lennie Mulvaney at UNH, and a musical event at KAA. If I am up to all that!

4/14-opening reception for moi at the Gatehouse Gallery. There is also the opening reception at the Newmarket Creativity Center        for the Abstract Art Show. I am missing the opening, though I have three pieces there as well. I will drop by Sat. AM to take pictures.

4/29-new KAA all members show drop-off.

4/30-hang Malynda’s show at the Stone Church. More on that next week.

5/1-hang and open the show at the Rochester Library called “’16’-recent work by Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst”.

5/4- Art Around Town, Portsmouth. With any luck…but I won’t know anything definite until the middle of next week.

5/5-Rochester Art Stroll.

5/6-opening reception for KAA show.

So, plenty of artinsmallplaces material.

new work, as promised

Sublime, almost done

These are the last of the 12″x12″ gallery wraps from the last Blick order. “Sublime” and “Nod to Surrealism” were intended for Tamworth, but I just couldn’t get them there. So, they will either make it into Portsmouth, Kittery or Rochester.

All of these have a certain amount of metallic pigment incorporated into them. With the inability to apply acrylics back over oils, I was on a mission this week to find an oil-based copper, gold and silver. Michael’s had gold and Renaissance gold. Windsor-Newton makes them. I could not find anything by Googling, which is weird. Now that I have a manufacturer, I was able to locate the product on Blick’s site.

Well, onto the two 2-foot squares. They are gessoed-just need to be sanded, and away we go!

Nod to Surreal

Regal, in progress

Ore, on progress. The major reason for the hunt for metallic oil based paint yesterday


I am back at priming. I am submitting work to a show that I can’t “slide in” something mediocre. And, I am really stressed because the best is in Tamworth, and the shows overlap.

I ordered a set of stretcher bars and enough raw canvas. They arrived this afternoon. These works will be 24″x24″ .

I will post work this week-end, as it evolves.

No “Art Around Town” this month. But, be prepared for art here. Probably Saturday.

Art Around Town, Portsmouth, NH: Gallery Nahcotta, August 5, 2011

Before I even start-I came in at “Numero Uno” on Bing-that was a “rush” and good motivation to keep posting!

I also want to thank the galleries that I talked to last Friday for taking me seriously…I greatly appreciated the approval for photography as well as the “nod” that what I was doing was appreciated and would be supported.

Abbie Chislett from Nahcotta gracefully gave me the “nod” and as the previous galleries had also, extended the offer to supply more information, more images, etc. to help with this venture. Since is free, I have a limited amout of space for images. I am investigating where I can, and add unlimited images. I do have an ArtID site, and I may use that blog as well. But..

As Abbie explained, this is a “salon show”. This is really common throughout the US during the summer-the art season is really from September to May. The small art wall was great-and since I am also concentrating on small work, I gained some education and inspiration from it, as well.Very nicely hung, but I really wish I could have had a name  to attach to each  piece. I feel rather faulty (learning again) because I took no notes, but, by-in-large, each piece could have been enlarged.

And, since I am a too devout camper (When the goin’ gets tough…). I  really appreciate Leah Gibersons’ work, and on lots of levels. From a materials use, I have to say that I have done that and been there. But, capturing the KOA campground in Missouri-oh  my, this is that!  The reflections are amazing. They make little sense, and they shouldn’t. She captures that real starkness of a Missouri KOA. There are no trees, no water, and you provide you own shade and play a game of chechers. And, refrain from reading  the Chrisian literature in the ladies restroom. Pop art, almost to the extreme.

I also regarded Tim Beavis’ “Studio Series” as something that should be paid attention to.  Ala Cezanne or really early Cubism. Florals on tables in a very minimal and flattened style.

I am venturing out to the area around Sunapee this week-end, and I may actually make it to the New Hampsire League show there. But again, I am really looking for the more remote…

Anyone who knows of a choice place in New England, please let me know—risk-takers in Rollinsford need to be recognized! (For example-and they are!)

Daryl-Ann Dartt-Hurst

"Globetrotter", Leah Giberson, acrylic on cut photo on panel