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More slide transfers to digital


The original photo was a 10-minute long exposure overlooking Cobscook Bay in Maine. This is all film and Mother Nature-not computer-enhancement here! September, 2000.


This is a sunset at Gros Morne in Newfoundland. This is one of the last shots I got with my 400mm lens before a strong gust blew over the tripod. September, 2000.


Headed back to Corner Brook in Newfoundland. The season here is short and rough. September, 2000. Below, is a Snowy Plover from Parker River, October, 2000.


Hampton after Nemo

I really feel like taking a dip-not.

“Welcome to Hampton Beach”. (c)2013.

"Hampton Beach seawall" (c)2013. The seawall is covered.

“Hampton Beach seawall” (c)2013. The seawall is covered.

"Hampton Beach  seawall" (c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2013.

“Hampton Beach seawall” (c) Daryl-Ann Dartt Hurst, 2013.

Hampton Beach 5A storm like this delivers extra love to beach communities in the form of storm surges. Where they didn’t seem to be brutal in Rye, the further south I went, the better (if you will), the display.


I am always inspired and excited by storms. They are something I can’t control. I tend to not go out in the thick of them, but I have had photographs that I have taken the day after, published. Yesterday, I shot a few right outside, but the light was so flat, and fuzzy because of the storm, that I posted a few on Facebook, and called it “special”.
This morning, I left Rochester around 5:20 AM. I started shooting about an hour later, since my favorite starting place was not accessible.
In the next few posts, you will see photos from coastal New Hampshire and Massachusetts (very northern).

"Sunrise, with texture", (c) 2013. Water vs ice.

“Sunrise, with texture”, (c) 2013. Water vs ice.