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Notes before bed about curating

Ah, there really is only one thing better in the art business than selling one of my pieces. It is selling one of someone else’s that I displayed and well. Kristen Dolloff’s large screenprint titled “Red” sold right at the end of the opening reception tonight for “3 Views of Country”.

The Stone Church venture was kind of a lark for all parties concerned and so far it is a good deal for all parties concerned. I have a meeting tomorrow with a non-profit that wants to do a “Dinner with the Artist” series, and I will have far more details tomorrow. This is a great opportunity for me that I garnered through my association with the Church. The Stone Church sold a few extra¬†beers tonight. And, Kristen made $$$.

Dad just called and got the “ear-full”.

Stay tuned for pictures and more commentary tomorrow.



A quick update

I can’t really call this a “daily”. I have been capable of my 9-5, and then coming home to find dinner and bed. No art. Just the flu. Tonight is feeling like it may provide energy enough for a few paint strokes and a load of laundry.

In the meantime, I am waiting for bios for the artists for the next Stone Church show, and sent the Gatehouse one for me. As all of he above comes together, it will be posted, as well. The press release and various listings will have to be written for the Stone Church on Sunday.